Man on trial accused of plunging knife into train passenger 18 times a court hears

a man who was stabbed to death on a train in surrey in front of his teenage son has been named as lee pomeroy

A passenger on a packed commuter train was stabbed to death after an argument broke out over space in an aisle a court has heard.

Darren Pencille is accused of plunging a knife 18 times into Lee Pomeroy whilst onboard a train travelling from Waterloo to Guildford.

The sick attack pointless and mindless attack was witnessed by Mr Pomeroy son and just a day before his birthday.

The stabbing progressed from a heated shouting match whilst in a train carriage after the pair had taken a day trip to London and had blocked the aisle of the carriage. Some of the attack was captured on mobile phones.

A second person is also on trial on charges of assisting an offender. After it’s alleged that Pencille’s girlfriend Chelsea Mitchell, 27, drove him away from Clandon station in Surrey after the attack. The court heard that she also went out and purchased hair clippers and razors to help Pencille change his appearance.  

The trial continues