Day Three of Search for Missing Rosie Johnson She has not been a victim of any crime say Police

day three of search for missing rosie johnson she has not been a victim of any crime say police

Officers involved in the major search operation on the Isle of Wight say that Rosie Johnson has not been a victim of any crime as her family joined the search on Wednesday evening.

A Police helicopter carried out a further aerial search on Wednesday spending a large amount of time over Firestone Corpse forest and the Lakeside hotel and Wooton Creek area. This was the last known location of were Rosie was seen.

Day Three Of Search For Missing Rosie Johnson She Has Not Been A Victim Of Any Crime Say Police

Hampshire Constabulary Inspector Andy MacDonald refused to comment on whether he believed Miss Johnson was still alive following her disappearance on Sunday evening. But he did say that Police did not think she was a victim of any crime.

Coastguard teams inspected the slush at Wootton Creek and further searches have been carried out in the. the surrounding area for missing Rosie.

The family are being supported by Hampshire Constabulary but would not say who the last person to see her was.

He said: At this moment in time the information we have available to us says Rosie has not been the victim of crime.

I’m not in a position at this moment to tell you what her state of mind was on Sunday evening.

We currently do not know her whereabouts and are seriously concerned for her welfare.

Information we have suggests Rosie is still on the Isle of Wight.

WightSar who have been actively involved in the Search are expected to resume searching woodland and fields near to Lakeside midmorning on Thursday after being stood down due to poor light on Wednesday evening.

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