Boris asked if they shipboats to Mexico by lorry on his visit to the Isle of Wight

boris asked if they shipboats to mexico by lorry on his visit to the isle of wight

Boris Johnson paid the Isle of Wight a visit during his walkabout campaign today. Visiting and speaking to the CEO and workers at Wightship yard in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight.



During his visit, he signed a copy of the Spectator magazine with a picture of Enter Boris with ten Downing Street on the front.

He was amazed that the boat were built he and asked if the order of two would be ship by lorry to Mexico. When asked if he had visited the Isle he said he’d been many times. Whilst talking to the media he recalled the time that sold the bendy bus aboard and they caught fire. Boris said he was confident of getting a no deal through parliament and we would be leaving on the date set. Even chanting with a large group of workers.