No new Searches for missing Rosie Johnson say Police

no new searches for missing rosie johnson say police

A source within Hampshire Constabulary have revealed that no new further searches are taking place following the disappearance of missing PGL worker Rosie Johnson in the Isle of Wight.

Five days on Rosie still remains missing.

Information is still being assessed by officers managing the search and Detectives are working with specialists POLSAR officers the source has revealed.

Despite major efforts to locate Rosie using a Police helicopter and search teams, nothing has been found.

Rosie left the PGL with a mobile phone and this was used to triangulate the search area. The phone stopped pinging on Monday mid-morning. The mobile that belonged to Rosie hasn’t been found.
Officers have carried out house to house enquiries and search bins and garden and spoke to home owners in the local areas.

Police are appealing for further information to help more on there investigation.
Rosie family are being kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

Police are understood to have viewed CCTV at the nearby Sloop Inn in Wootton and also viewed CCTV from Southern Vectis bus services this at present has brought no new leads.

Hampshire Constabulary position still hasn’t changed and don’t believe any crime has been committed and Rosie is still being classified as a missing person

If you think you might have seen Rosie since she went missing, or have any information about where she might be, please call us as a matter of urgency on 101 quoting 44190217273.