Woking Crack dealer jailed for three years

woking crack dealer jailed for three years

A Woking drug dealer is behind bars for three years and four months after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and cannabis at Guildford Crown Court last Thursday (20 June).

Joseph Smith, 30, of Bonsey Lane, Woking, was caught after he was spotted driving dangerously on the High Street in Old Woking shortly after 1am on 6 April.

Smith initially stopped for officers but drove off as they attempted to speak to him.

Police pursued Smith into Bridge Barn Lane, a dead end road, where he tried to escape on foot in the direction of Lockfield Drive.

Officers were able to catch up with him and he was arrested.

The car he was driving was searched and a large quantity of crack cocaine and cannabis was found under the back seat.

Investigating officer, PC Luke Lightburn said: “Smith pleading guilty was the right decision he could have made as the evidence against him was overwhelming.

“He tried to run from us and resist arrest but we caught him in the end, resulting in another drug dealer being taken off our streets.

“The battle against drug dealers is one that we will never give up on. We will seek to arrest them, charge them and put them before the courts.”