Lucy McHugh trial hears she was not Pregnant

murdered schoolgirl lucy is remembered by friends and family

Today during the trial of Murdered school girl Lucy Mc’hugh the Court have been hearing from Dr Basil Purdue about the medical state and injuries sustained to Lucy when she was murdered.

Mr Mousley Prosecuting asks Doctor Purdue if Lucy was pregnant. He says that she was not. He states the court: “There is no evidence either under the microscope or to the naked eye that she was pregnant. She was not.”

Dr Purdue has describe the fatal wound to Lucys neck and the court have been shown an animated image of the injuries and told about “sharp defects” essentially marks left from a sharp object on the Jacket she was wearing, caused likely by a thin bladed knife of at least 7cm. There were superficial wounds to Lucys upper chest and Lucy was likely to have been immobile when the injuries were inflicted but said some of the wounds to her forearm were indicative of defensive wounds.

Some of the details described by Dr Purdue were to horrific to report and as such we have not done so.

A neighbour also gave evidence relating to Nicholsons note for a bonfire, and regarding the note being thrown in the bin.

Lucy’s mothers partner Richard Elmes is giving evidence at the moment and has described how there were petty arguments “Not very often” once or twice a week, he also heard Lucy call out to Nicholson that “Ive got a hold on you anyway” , Nicholson stayed with them originally to sort hos finances out.

Mr Elmes denies any knowledge of Lucy being sexually active and he said he once came downstairs and witnessed Nicholson in the kitchen “as stiff as a leaf” and Lucy was hugging him. He stated he spoke to Nicholson about the incidene and Nicholson told him that Lucy was upset and wanted a hug. Nicholson said he did not want to hug her and stood still.

Mr Elmes states he and Nicholson has been best friends sonce they were six. He stated Nicholson enjoyed fishing and tattooing. He said Nicholson’s tattoo business was conducted through his Facebook.

Nicholson denys Murder the trial continues.