BA flight plane bound for India’s Bengaluru airport has declared an emergency over the English Channel

ba flight plane bound for indias bengaluru airport has declared an emergency over the english channel

A flight from London Heathrow destine for Bengaluru airport in India has declared a general emergency onboard.

The Boeing777 is circling over the English Channel near Eastbourne after declaring an emergency shortly after takeoff on Wednesday.

Shortly after takeoff, it descending quickly over the Channel after squawking 7700 distress signal advising that the flight was in trouble.

The pilot has spoken with Swanick Air traffic control and it’s the flight’s intention to return to Heathrow. Shortly after takeoff,

The captain on Flight BA119 turned back minutes after takeoff around 3.30pm. The pilot has not yet advised when the emergency is.

The flight is currently dumping thousands of gallons of fuel over the sea. The plane has two Rolls Royce Trent 895-17 aboard that have flown over 50,000 hours.

The plane has been in service for nearly ten years coming into service on 31st July 2019.

A spokesman for  British Airways said: “The pilots have requested a priority landing into Heathrow as a precaution due to a technical issue.”


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