Isle of Wight Floating Bridge will be out of Service for Four Days for new Chains to be fitted

isle of wight floating bridge will be out of service for four days for new chains to be fitted

Experts will fit new chains to the Cowes floating bridge next week to replace the older existing chains – which are at the end of the normal operating life of three years.

To undertake the fitting, the floating bridge will be out of service from 7am to 7pm from Monday 8 to the 12 July.

This is also to ensure that depth surveys are carried out on the new chains to satisfy the Cowes Harbour Commission’s minimum depth requirement for chain clearance.

A foot passenger service will be in place for the week, from 5am each morning.

The current chains are the original ones used on the previous floating bridge and have now come to the end of their period of use, having been in place for three years.

The new chains, coupled with the rubber matting installed last year, should further reduce noise and vibration when the bridge docks.

The bridge continues to work well and last month operated for 94.3 per cent of its scheduled operating hours, carrying 40,163 foot passengers and 19,200 car users, including over the busy festival period.

The new chains are expected to last two to three years.