Woman left with £700 vet bill after cat mauled by fox

woman left with 700 vet bill after cat mauled by fox

For all the people who think foxes are cute and cuddly, and leave food out for them, encouraging them into urban gardens. I had to fight off a big dog fox to rescue my cat . I heard a commotion outside around midnight, and rushed out with a torch as from the noise I could tell it was serious. The fox had my little cat in his jaws, but he had no escape route. I shouted and made as much noise as I could to distract him and he dropped her, and squared up to me. I grabbed a stick and beat him til he ran off. Poor cat was howling her head off. A quick trip to the emergency vets showed the fox had bitten through her tail, broken two ribs and caused severe internal bruising. She is slowly recovering from the shock. My worry is that the fox showed no fear of humans, which leads me to think that someone close by has been feeding him. Makes me so mad, especially as I am now £700 out of pocket!! Foxes are wild and should not be fed. This particular renegade may try a child next!