Lucy McHugh step father attacked by Vigilantes

lucy mchugh step father attacked by vigilantes

A video has emerged of the attack on Richard Elmes who is step father to murdered schoolgirl Lucy Mchugh from Southampton.

Richard Elms is the partner of Stacy White.

Richard Elmes had been taken to hospital after an attack outside a convenience store in Windrush Road in Southampton.

The video was filmed on the snap chat of Charlie Whitemore and shared to followers in which both males recording can be seen and heard attcking Mr Elmes, The video hears the male recording believed to be Charlie Michael shouting at Elmes….

“Nonse c**t mate – you and stacey should be – The old bill are goig to have you, you Nonse c**t, there going to f***ing have you – He let an unconsented relationship go on with a 12 year old girl – under his own roof – f***ind pedophile – your a f***ing pedophile.

A male said to be Anthony Grant then is seen punching Elmes whist the male who is videoing also joins in kicking and punching Elmes who is seen on the ground continuing to shout – f***ing pedophile c**t – you nonse c**t your going to f***ing jail you nonse c**t.

A woman in the background can be heard shouting at the males.

The two men were arrested Wayne Anthony Grant, 27, of Byron Road, Southampton, and Charlie Michael Whitemore, 22, of Waveney Green, Southampton, have been charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

They are both due to appear in court for the attack.

Police have been seen guarding the home of Lucy’s family after they have come under attack from the public since the trial.

Police are reminding people not to take action against the family despite the feel of injustice in the Trial and case of murdered Lucy Mchugh.