PC praised after saving man from Drowning in Bognor

pc praised after saving man from drowning in bognor

A young Constable with just 18 months service is being praised for going into the sea at Bognor to save a man from drowning.

PC Alice Price and her colleague PC Shaun Moreland were called to the beach at Bognor at 6.45am on Sunday (21 July) after a report that a man in a distressed date was there and was planning to go into the sea.

When they arrived minutes later he was already some 30 metres out from the shoreline. Alice immediately attached herself to a lifeline and went into the sea. The man saw her and swam further out but she caught up and took hold of him about 100 metres out, put the lifeline around him, and brought him slowly and safely to shore.

Both were checked out at hospital but were physically unharmed.

The local man in his forties has been receiving specialist medical support and advice.

Superintendent James Collis said; “This was great work by Alice, who only joined Sussex Police in 2018, with excellent support from Shaun. Her courage and their teamwork ensured that a vulnerable man is now sa