Dartford robber who left with a cigarette and small change jailed

dartford robber who left with a cigarette and small change jailed

A robber who threatened to stab a man in Dartford before leaving with a roll up cigarette and some coins has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. James Harris, followed his victim from a petrol garage, assaulted him and threatened to stab him if he didn’t hand over his wallet but ultimately left the scene with loose change and a roll up cigarette. The 25-year-old, of Olive Road, Dartford was arrested after officers recognised him from the victim’s description and forensic evidence linked him to the crime. He pleaded guilty to the robbery at Woolwich Crown Court on 24 July.

The court heard that on Friday 29 March 2019 at around 1.30am the victim was walking home after buying food from a petrol station shop in Princes Road, Dartford. He heard footsteps behind him before someone jumped onto his back and demanded his wallet threatening to stab him with a knife. The victim handed over his wallet and Harris made further demands on the victim who then refused to co-operate. Harris left the scene with a roll up cigarette and a small amount of coins.

After the robbery the victim described his attacker as having a cut on his hand and he noticed he had blood on his clothes. Officers identified Harris based on the description and the close proximity of the offence to his home and arrested him around 4.30pm on the same day. Upon arrest they noticed a large cut on his hand. Police seized Harris’s clothes as they matched the description provided by the victim.

Kent Police’s senior investigating officer for the case, Detective Sergeant Mike Champion said: ‘Thankfully, Harris’s victim was not harmed however violent crime can have lasting effects on people emotionally. Harris’s willingness to threaten an innocent member of the public clearly demonstrates he is a dangerous offender. This sentence is therefore entirely justified.’