Dover man who led police on a car chase in the town has been jailed

dover man who led police on a car chase in the town has been jailed

A dangerous driver who narrowly avoided colliding with a school bus after failing to stop for police has been jailed.

Anthonie Denham, 29, of Beaconsfield Road, Dover appeared before Canterbury Crown Court on Monday, 29 July 2019 where he admitted dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified and failing to have insurance.

He was jailed for 18-months and banned from driving from three-years and five-months.

The court heard how Denham was seen by police on 14 January 2019 in Buckland Avenue, Dover. They signalled for him to stop the 03 plate Rover he was driving but he accelerated away at speed.

The officers followed him to Springfield Road where he narrowly avoided a collision with a school bus before losing control, crashing into the kerb and hitting a parked car.

Despite one of the wheels falling off the vehicle he continued onto Brookfield Place failing to stop at a junction, narrowly avoiding moving traffic and coming to a stop a short while later. Officers promptly detained him and located a young child that had been in the car throughout the incident.

In interview Denham acknowledged he was attempting to evade police and that he was driving in a dangerous manner.

Investigating Officer Ben Hibbert said: ‘Denham was driving so dangerously it is fortunate that no one was seriously injured or killed. His reckless actions not only put himself in danger but all of the members of the public that were in the area at the time and his very young passenger who thankfully was unharmed.’