Carnage after two drivers racing crash on Chislehurst High Street

carnage after two drivers racing crash on chislehurst high street

Two Driver Racing down High Street cause half a million pounds worth of damage after crashing

A man has been left fighting for his life after the car that he was racing against the other driver ploughed into a lamp post at speed of what is thought to be three figures moments after two buses were stationary at the bus stop.

A second vehicle rips up the flower bed and metal bollard from the parking area overturning a Nissan Qashqai ploughing into a Volkswagen and a Volvo XC90 and also writing off a two day old newly delivered Porsche Cayenne belonging to a local doctor. Police has spent the night investigating and the High street remains closed looking like a bomb site. A 25-year-old man is fighting for his life at a south-London hospital following a serious road traffic collision on Chislehurst High Street.

Met Police say they were called at 10.00pm to reports of a collision between two cars. Four other vehicles have also been a wreck as a result of the collision after the S type Jaguar and the Audi A5 are understood to have been racing down the 30 miles an hour high street.

The High Street remains closed.