Shots fired yards from children Play area in Barking

shots fired yards from children play area in barking

Barking,East London Sunday 1st September 2019 Harts Lane Estate on Lock Down after shots fired.

Police flooded the after numerous called after shots where fired. A search of the area revealed spent bullet cartridges from lives rounds a further search yards from a child play area reveal a large butchers knife and machete were also recovered by Police. Officers remain currently on scene in Harts Lane #Barking following reports of shots fired. No reported injuries.

No victims have been found at this stage and enquires are ongoing. A large scene has been implemented owing to the discovery of spent cartridges. A S.60 is being authorised. Updates to follow..

There is a Section 60 being put in place as a result of shots being fired. The affected areas will be the following wards in Barking: Abbey Ward, Gascgoine Ward and the Academy Ward. It will be in place until 10 am tomorrow morning.©UKNIP