Probe launched after litter of French bulldog puppies are stolen

probe launched after litter of french bulldog puppies are stolen

A litter of six male blue french bulldog puppies has been stolen from a property in Preston. Thieves broke into the house in the Bamber Bridge area of Preston and swiped the litter.

They are in a vulnerable state with being 2 weeks old and are now without the right care medication and milk, they will not survive with out the heat pads and their mother.

Blue french bulldogs are being sold for around £2000+

This is why the family think they have been targeted.

Police believe the thief is local to the area to know to target the house.
The mother of the pups is beside her self not to mention the children of the family home.

Due to the age they are not chipped or registered and are without papers.

If any one knows of any blue male french bulldog puppies being sold please be mindful of this post.

The family have a large collection of pictures and videos and will easily be able to identify the individual puppies on selling sites.

The high profile publicity on social media and with local newspapers will make the selling of these puppies extremely difficult.

Please if you know anything or have them do the right thing and turn them in before they die!