Serial Love rat wanted by Police in Portsmouth

serial love rat wanted by police in portsmouth

If you see this man please report to the police. His real name is JOSEPH KEARNS and is actually 22 years old but goes under many different names. He has a Yorkshire accent, blonde short hair, 6ft and he always dresses smart. There is currently a warrant for his arrest out and he has been seen living in the old Portsmouth area.
He is not part of any military service and is a complete fraud who finds pleasure in finding vulnerable young girls online and in bars to get money/ steal from. He previously went around with a fake military police badge.
Make sure he doesn’t have access to your bank cards and beware of probing questions as he will be using it to get credit.
Don’t lend him money as you’ll not get it back. Don’t allow him in your house as he will be going through your drawers and cupboards searching for info about you or money.