This isn’t an election, this is payback time

this isnt an election this is payback time

Millions of people people saw leaving the EU as an opportunity for change and just wanted to wake up the next day and for things to be different.

People were prepared to gamble everything they had on this opportunity and many of the people that voted to leave had so very little to lose that they didn’t even see it as a gamble. They just wanted our country to take control of it’s own destiny, create their own future and if that failed they wanted no-one else to blame but themselves.

But how can people believe in a Country that does not believe in itself. The members of Parliament that are responsible for this fiasco and who voted time and time again against the will of the people should hang their heads in shame.

When did the will of parliament become more important than the will of the people? This isn’t an election, this is payback time, whatever side you are on.