Gillingham man who stole from a charity shop in Rochester is jailed for four years

gillingham man who stole from a charity shop in rochester is jailed for four years

 Gillingham man who stole from a charity shop in Rochester twice has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment.

Malcolm Shipley, formerly of Windmill Road, Gillingham coerced an employee of the store to help stage the offences.

On 25 September 2016 it was reported to Kent Police that a burglary had taken place at a charity shop in Rochester High Street where almost £620 of takings was stolen from a safe within the store. Forensic evidence on a pair of pliers at the scene linked Shipley to the crime.

A robbery was alleged to have taken place on 26 November 2016 at the same charity shop where a member of staff was threatened with a kitchen knife to open the safe. Just over £600 was stolen and Shipley’s thumbprint was found on a knife block at the scene.

Coercive behaviour

Following an investigation into both incidents detectives discovered that Shipley had coerced the member of staff to stage the first burglary. When she refused to be forced into staging the second crime Shipley threatened her with a knife, took the money and fled.

The 44-year-old pleaded guilty to the burglary and robbery at Maidstone Crown Court on Tuesday 29 October 2019 and was sentenced the same day.

Officer in charge of the case, Police Constable Kati Edge, said: ‘Shipley controlled and threatened a woman until she was forced against her will to be part of his crimes.

‘His use of a knife to do this shows the extent he was prepared to go to steal money from a charity and get what he wanted.

‘Kent Police takes a tough approach to those who use knives to intimidate others and commit crimes and I am pleased Shipley has received a custodial sentence and can no longer be a threat to society.’