Isle of Wight Man on trial for killing his mum

isle of wight man on trial for killing his mum

Pictured 61-year-old Anthony Kimber, who is accused of neglecting his mother to the extent that her armchair was rotting away beneath her before she died, has denied manslaughter by gross negligence at Winchester Crown Court.
Mr Kimber’s mother, Hazel Kimber, 83, was found dead at their shared property in Ryde Road, Seaview back in August 2015. No charges were brought against Anthony until this year  when he appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court.

At the start of a trial at Winchester Crown Court today (Tuesday), the jury heard how Hazel Kimber was severely malnourished leading up to her death. Her spine was rigid and concave having been sat in one position for a long time – thought to be 2 years. Prosecutor Sally Howes QC told the court that Hazel was found sitting in an armchair that had started to rot away beneath her, moulding to her shape.

Anthony Kimber is alleged to have known that his mother had been unwell for some time, but failed to seek medical assistance. Mr Kimber told Police in interview that his mother had expressed wishes for a doctor not to be called. The court heard that Hazel was ‘frightened’ of doctors and feared having to leave her home, where she had resided for three-quarters of a century.
Authorities were only alerted to the situation when Mr Kimber called NHS 111. Paramedics arrived at the semi-detached home in Seaview and discovered Mrs Kimber’s body.
Hazel Kimber died from the effects of malnutrition and blood clots in her lungs.
Today the jury was told about the general condition of the property, with strong smells of urine, excrement, mould and general decay. The outside of the property can be seen in the photograph above. The pair are said to have lived a reclusive life.
Anthony Kimber denies the charges against him – manslaughter by gross negligence and causing/allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.©UKNIP