Jailed pervert Harry Simmons released to Portsmouth bail hostel

jailed pervert harry simmons released to portsmouth bail hostel

A pervert who was jailed for various online sexual offences against children is now living in a bail hostel in Portsmouth.

Harry Simmonds 20 formerly of Ventnor on the Isle of white (calls him self baby Harry on Facebook) was jailed earlier this year for grooming offences against young girls and sending inappropriate and distressing images to two teenagers on two separate occasions

The pervert who has a fettish for dressing up as a baby has shared several videos on Facebook of himself defecating and wearing a nappy. In one disturbed video he tells everyone he is a paedophile.

Simmonds is a warped individual and takes great pride in calling him self a paedophile and sharing pictures of videos of himself doing depraved acts.

He was released last month. But due to bail hostels being full in his area he has now been relocated in Portsmouth.