A man who killed his aunt in Lambeth in 2018 has been sentenced to an indefinite detention order at a secure mental health facility

a man who killed his aunt in lambeth in 2018 has been sentenced to an indefinite detention order at a secure mental health facility

A man who killed his aunt in Lambeth in 2018 has been sentenced to an indefinite detention order at a secure mental health facility.

Jordan Clarke, 23 (24.09.96), of Sudborne Road, Brixton was convicted of manslaughter by means of diminished responsibility at the Old Bailey in March.

At the time, the judge made an interim order remanding him in secure accommodation under the Mental Health Act pending further psychiatric reports. At the same court on Monday, 18 November, he was ordered to be detained indefinitely under section 37 of the Mental Health Act 1993 with a section 41 restriction. The murder charge lies on file.

Police were called by the London Ambulance Service (LAS) at 6.36pm on 15 April 2018 to a residential address on Sudbourne Road in Brixton, following reports of a stabbing.

Officers attended with LAS colleagues and discovered 39-year-old Samantha Clarke in a bedroom.

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Samantha was pronounced dead at 7.11pm.

A post-mortem concluded on 18 April, at Greenwich Mortuary and gave the cause of death as multiple incised wounds. She had suffered more than 50 in total.

Jordan Clarke, Samantha’s nephew by marriage, was arrested at the scene and an investigation launched by homicide detectives from Specialist Crime.

Officers discovered that Jordan had been suffering from deteriorating mental health in the days and weeks leading up to the incident, claiming that he was being followed by undercover police officers, and arranging furniture from the house in the street.

Due to his erratic behaviour, his family sought help from a doctor, who referred him to a local mental health team as a matter of urgency. At that time, his symptoms were not thought to be acute enough to justify immediate treatment, and so Jordan returned home with his family.

Days later, Jordan’s uncle and his wife, Samantha, decided to visit London from their home in High Wycombe because of some appointments Samantha had in the area. They had not informed relatives prior to their arrival and so it was a surprise visit.

Jordan’s behaviour began to worsen almost immediately. Two other relatives who remained at the address saw Jordan holding a screwdriver, before he made his way into the kitchen and took hold of several kitchen knives.

Jordan’s uncle continued to unload luggage, and saw Jordan staring at him blankly. He went out to get more bags from his car and when he came back he found the front door had been locked from the inside, leaving him unable to get in.

He then locked the remaining family members inside the kitchen, who grew concerned about what was happening and so called Jordan’s father, who had left prior to Samantha’s arrival to visit a relative.

He came back and found a kitchen knife laying in the corridor. He went to find Jordan upstairs in the house. He asked what had happened, to which he replied simply: “I have killed Samantha.”

Police were called and Jordan was calm and compliant when arrested.

He was charged on 16 April 2018.

Several psychiatric assessments would later diagnose Jordan as suffering from a psychotic-related illness.

The motivation behind his attack could not be clearly identified but may have been triggered by his ailing mental health, worsened by the recent death of his grandfather, and the unexpected arrival of his uncle and Samantha.

Jordan made no admission of guilt, or even acknowledged his presence on the day of Samantha’s murder, leading to a trial of issues.