Chatham burglar who blighted neighbourhood jailed

chatham burglar who blighted neighbourhood jailed 1

A burglar who attempted to steal from a number of homes in the same street in Chatham has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. Darryl Davis, of Penfold Close, Chatham targeted houses in Elliotts Way and also attempted to break into a van in Aviation Walk.

During the early hours of 11 October 2019 Davis entered the back garden of a property in Elliotts way and tried to break into a shed and through the back door of the house. Being unsuccessful he jumped over into the next garden and opened a shed door. Taking nothing he attempted to open the back doors of the building and was again unsuccessful. He moved on to the next neighbouring house and again failed to gain entry. On his fourth attempt he broke into the home but was confronted by the resident and he fled.

A short time later a resident in Aviation Walk was woken by a banging noise and saw Davis pulling at the back door of his property. Without gaining access Davis was seen to then jump over two neighbouring fences and walk into the street where he tried unsuccessfully to break into a parked van. Officers arrived at the scene and Davis was arrested in Aviation walk.

The 38-year-old pleaded guilty to burglary, four counts of attempted burglary and interfering with a vehicle. He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on 13 November 2019.

Officer in charge of the case, PC Ben Shove of Medway CID said: ‘Davis was determined break into a number of homes in a Medway street. Thankfully his failed numerous attempts to thieve from others led to his arrest and has left him behind bars. Burglary causes much distress to victims and there are simple actions such as double-checking all doors and windows are locked and leaving lights on timer switches is often enough to deter potential burglars.’