Vehicle being pursed by Police is involved in a hit and run in Uxbridge

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At 8.09pm on Tuesday, 26 November, a Mercedes saloon failed to stop for police at Harefield Road, Uxbridge.

Officers conducted an authorised pursuit which was terminated after a short distance due to the unsafe manner of the suspect’s driving.

At Oxford Road Roundabout the suspect vehicle was in collision with a male pedestrian.

The male suffered an arm injury. He was taken to a west London hospital where his condition is not life threatening.


The suspect vehicle continued to Grainges Yard Car Park where it was in collision with another vehicle. Following the collision the suspect fled on foot leaving the Mercedes at the scene.

Two further members of the public were injured in the Grainges Yard collision. Their injuries were minor.

Enquiries continue

The Met’s Directorate of Professionals Standards has been informed.