UPDATEDFolkestone town looked like a scene from world war three following Police incident

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Upward of ten police vehicle from across Kent Police   supported by Armed Police officers and air support have descended on to a Folkstone street throwing  it into lockdown in the early hours of Thursday morning. The incident started at around 1am.


Some resident have describe it sounding like world war three after the early morning wake up call for some on New Street in the town. One who asked not to be named said that that were pretty scared as the Police wouldn’t say what was going on.


We heard a lot of shouting from the Police It sounded like they were trying to get someone to come out of the surrounded building it went on for ages. Then officers with a shields and firearms also turned up. Then a big van turned up and took someone away.

Two men has been detained by Police and taken into custody  from a multi dwelling on the corner on New Rod next to guitar shop.

Kent fire and Rescue brought in an appliance and and special high vehicle to assist officers


Officers surrounding the outside of the building could be seen with tasers drawn during some sort of standoff.

Neighbour were asked to stay in their properties whilst Police dealt with the fluid incident


A Folkstone cabbie watched the drama unfold whilst half way through his nightshift: It all look pretty heavy: I saw two men put in handcuff and  arrested and put into the back of a police van. I saw one unmarked BMW X5 and two marked X5s along with  four Police Astra Estates. The helicopter was also flying above. There were two fire engines one with the long ladder and a normal one.  It was all going on around New Street, Bradstone New Road from about 1:30 this morning. There was still Police present when I was about to clock off. Me and and another driver thought it may be linked to the stabbing that happened in the town earlier in the week

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Police were called at around 1am this morning to reports of a robbery and disturbance at an address in the Bradstone Road area of Folkestone.

“Patrols and armed officers attended where two men were on the roof of the property and several people attempted to flee the scene. Kent Fire and Rescue Service assisted in retrieving the two men from the roof.

“Officers carried out a thorough search of the area supported by the National Police Air Service helicopter.

“Subsequently, ten people were arrested.”

Inquiries into the incident are ongoing.