Valley Road Fawkham in lockdown after remains are found

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Valley Road Fawkham Kent on Thursday 28th November 2019 showing Police at a cottage that they believe is where remains have been found by workers digging a new road. Search team who have been looking for missing Sarah Welgreen have been at the Location for most of the day.

The find is the same spot where the pig pens where years ago when the other lady went missing. A source has revealed they had been digging a new road there. They from discovery was made this morning.

Kent Police Police they were called to a building site following reports that bones were discovered today.

Officers were called at 12.15pm to the site in Fawkham, Kent following the discovery.

The location is near to where Sarah Welgreen was last seen.
It’s understood that the bones were found with a coat.

Update: 4.15pm Police have released a further update Officers attended the scene and following enquiries, it has been determined that there is no suspicious circumstances surrounding the discovery.