How the latest Terror attack unfolded as three are dead one left serious in London Bridge Terror attack

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The incident began just before 2pm on Friday afternoon when the attacker,  who was all dressed in black, began randomly lashing out at people with two knives inside Fishmongers’ Hall,  a venue at the north end of London Bridge.

Learning Together, an initiative launched by two Cambridge University academics that brings together professionals from the criminal justice sector and higher education was being hosted there

A number of people are understood to have grabbed a fire extinguisher and chased after the man. A tour guide and a rugby player driver a mini witnessed the group pursuing the man and did the british thing and joined in. They where spraying him with the foam from the extinguisher. I gave it all I had I  wrestled with stamping on his wrist to free knife. He had one in both hands they were about 8 inch in length. The police turns up pretty quickly so we did the british things and went off to the pub.

Other Witnesses reported seeing police giving a man CPR in the road while another person was carried from the scene under a blanket.

In the aftermath of the incident police ferried witnesses to the Salvation Army headquarters near St Paul’s Cathedral to gather statements.


The terror suspect who was shot dead by a City of London Police officer was known to the Police and the security services. He’d been in prison and had been released earlier in the year. He’d be wearing a tag and was being monitored that was part of the agreement  and part of his release conditions