Is this real or fake?

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So this is an example of a bomb vest. Is this real or fake? Either way, it doesn’t matter at all because you’ve already had longer than the officers on London Bridge did to analyse the threat.

Until such a point that anyone can analyse this and tell me unequivocally that this is a fake vest and won’t cause harm to someone, in the split second of someone that’s just murdered two people presents it to you, I would ask that you hold judgement on the ARV Copper that dealt with the situation properly.

He followed the rules of engagement, ended the confrontation and stopped anyone else from being hurt or worse. Class job, done professionally.

We are , by no means, trying to push any form of political opinion. We are  not politically biased, and any comments made in a political, racist or otherwise derogatory manner aren’t welcome, they’re not what this  is about. The vest shown below is not the vest used, but is a movie prop. It is included in this post to make you think and, for a split second, put you in the shoes of the police.