Man who stole dead man’s car is jailed

An elaborate fraud in order to steal a luxury car has ended with a Canterbury man being jailed for over three years.


In December 2016 Ozgur Gun wrote to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency using a false name, claiming that he was the new owner of a Mercedes Benz parked in London.


Although checks were made and letters sent to the original owner of the £93,500 car, he had sadly passed away shortly before Gun’s fraud, so when no response was received by the DVLA, a new V5C document was sent to Gun.


Using his false name again, 41-year-old Gun, who lived in Canterbury at the time, then arranged for the car to be towed from London to a garage in Canterbury, claiming he had lost the car keys.


Gun had planned to use the new documents as proof of ownership so he could steal the car along with a new set of keys for it.


However his plans were uncovered by Kent Police officers and when Gun arrived at the garage, he was met by waiting officers and arrested instead.


At Canterbury Crown Court, Gun pleaded guilty to fraud but claimed the owner owed him money and so he had used the owner’s death to his advantage and took the car as payment.  However the court rejected Gun’s claims.


He was sentenced on Tuesday 3 December 2019 to a total of three years and three months in prison.


Investigating officer Keith Rochford of Kent Police said: ‘Nothing Ozgur Gun has done has been genuine, from his fake name to his claims about the victim, so I am glad the court saw him for what he is, which is a callous fraudster.


‘Let us not forget, the victim’s family have had to deal with not only the grief of losing someone dear to them, but also the selfish and greedy actions of Gun.


‘I thank them for their support during the investigation and court case and my thoughts are with them.’