Ring of Steal around the Maidstone Studio thats been put in Police lock down

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Approx 100 Police officers from Kent Police have thrown up a human cordon around the Maidstone studio in Kent this evening. (Friday 6th December 2019) Ten Police vans armed Police officers and Roads Policing officers have all been called in at the last moment in a massive security operation near the TV studio.

Three Yellow minis have turned up at the rear of the studio with a passenger dressed as a Boris in attempted to stop Brexit a bit like the Italian  job said one driver. They attempted to block the entrance but were soon moved on by Police who have been taking a no nonsense approach towards any of the protestors.

The Police drone has also been launched as part of the security operation

It is understood that officers were brought in at very short notice after reports of attempts to stop Boris from getting into the studio were published social media .



Home owners on the surrounding roads of the studios have also been stopped from accessing the road. Vehicles are being turned away and drivers are being asked to park else where.


One passing motorist who was caught up in the drama said I didn’t think Kent Police had that amount of Police. What a waste of Public money.


Corbin  stopped and spoke with some of the supporters who had gathered after he has spent the afternoon at the Hilton in Maidstone