Melbourne Bush fire follow new proposed high speed rail route

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This… is interesting. And scary. But all these fires have all been raging along the proposed high-speed train route… Why else would fire funding be pulled recently unless it would benefit someone for the fire to continue? l
People think this past week has just been about bushfires, but its been about so much more. These bushfires are destined to be used as a catalyst to change the face of Australia First of all, its very suspicious that so many fires broke out at the same time, stretching fire services to the limit to try to contain them. There were over 80 fires burning at one stage.


Secondly, scarcely a month ago, Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, announced a 75% CUT to funding for rural fire services in NSW which ensured that when the fires broke out there wouldn’t be the resources to deal with them adequately. Thousands of residents were told NOT to expect help from the RFS and were left to fend for themselves.
Thirdly, the fire chief announced at a press conference that “We’ve burnt more than 1 MILLION HECTARES so far this season.” Was that a freudian slip or a guilty conscience that couldnt help revealing the real truth? I’ll let you decide. Later, we were told that the fires would go on for months. How can anyone predict how long bushfires will continue…unless you are the one orchestrating them? And finally, because of the sheer ferocity and devastation, we are now being told that we must rethink how we live, with a push to get people off the land.

Enter the CLARA company (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia) which made a proposed to Govt in 2017 for a high speed rail train line from Melbourne to Brisbane, including at least 3 SMART cities to be built along with it. Interestingly, many of the fires along the east coast correspond to the proposed route for the high speed rail line AND part of the proposal includes setting aside land for this development that cannot be used for anything else. This means that out of the misery and loss of these fires, the Govt and the CLARA company already know that the land is actually being cleared (by fire) to make way for the rail line. For those who don’t know, one of the basic aims of AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030 is to remove people from the land and herd them into ‘smart’ cities, connected by high speed rail. No doubt those who have lost property to fires along the proposed rail route, will NOT be allowed to rebuild on their land, but will be encouraged instead, to rebuild within the areas designated for the new smart cities.