UPDATED Investigation launched after man turns himself into human fire ball in Chislehurst after bust up with his girlfriend

UKNIP Man Fireball  9

Officers from the metropolitan police have launched an investigation after emergency services were called to Chislehurst High Street on Sunday evening


The man has been rushed to  hospital after turning himself into a fireball outside the pub on the High street pub.

Armed with two petrol cans in his bag, the man set himself ablaze in the car park of the Queen’s Head.


Three-regulars watched the drama unfold and rushed out with bottles of water to try and  rescue the man who clothing was ablaze. Moments erlier the man had a bust with the pub with his girlfriend and stormed off out of the pub.


All buses on routes 161, 27 and N136 are on diversion and  missing all stops between the War Memorial and Elmstead Lane due to the closure and the ongoing incident. In addition, buses on routes 160 and 162 are missing the stops between Ashfield Lane and  Gordon Arms.

A spokesman for the Met Police said they had been summoned to reports of ‘a man committing self-harm’ in Chislehurst.

One witness said: ‘If it wasn’t for the quick action from three blokes in the pub ripping his burning clothes off and extinguishing him he would have been dead.

‘There were two petrol cans in his bag and it started catching flame and I extinguished it, heart was racing.’

The man was taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service and remains  in a critical condition