School staff battle to put out flames after 8 year old child is engulf in flames at school nativity play in Croydon

UKNIP Children Burnt  15

A child has been taken to hospital with serious burns along with man and woman who are understood to be teaching staff from the Thomas Becket school who attempted to put out the flames that engulf the child at a school play being held at a church in Croydon.

The school choir and all junior classes were part of traditional musical celebration of the Nativity Story at Our Lady of the Annunciation Church in Bingham Road.

A parent who attended who we are not naming explained that the children were walking around with candles as part of the performance when one of the 8 year old fell into the pupil in front setting fire to his costume that was completed engulfed in flames in seconds.

Children were in tears and parents screaming said the mum of one who son was also in the play.

A child has been airlifted  to hospital with serious burns following an incident at a church in Croydon. Children were in tears after one of the children was holding a candle fell in front and set alight to a native play costume

Met Officers have taped off Addiscombe Catholic Church,  on Bingham Road, this afternoon

Officers were called at around 2.21pm alongside the London Ambulance Service and London Air ambulance.

The young child, had been attended a event being held at the church when he was burnt and adult was also injured.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “Officers are assisting with an incident at a Croydon church.

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service at 2.21pm on Wednesday, December 11 to Our Lady of the Annunciation Church, Bingham Road, Croydon.

“A young boy was reported to have received serious burns during a Christmas event.

One adult was also reported to have received burn injuries, these are not believed to be serious