Canterbury Poundland in lockdown after Thieving feral yobs smash up shop

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Canterbury Poundland has been placed into total locked after two teenager thieving yobs started to smash up the shop in front of hundreds of Christmas shoppers on Saturday afternoon after being caught stealing from the store.


One customer claimed that the pair had been caught stealing a 50 pence advent calendar and tried to leave the store without paying.

Security employed at the Poundland attempted to stop the pair who threw boxes of biscuit and tried spitting and hitting staff in an attempt to over power staff and break free.

The pair  punched staff  and attack workers in a scene of  disarray as hundreds of pounds worth of stock and store fixtures was damaged.  The manager of the stored ordered time and closed the door of the busy shop whilst the drama unfolded. The girls were pinned to the floor and the Police called.

One shocked mum shield her young children eyes and tried to leave the story in a hurry. Other groups of yobbish  teens egged-on the-pair to carry on and filmed the drama as the doors were closed  stopping people from entering or leaving.

Officers from Kent Police finally arrived  at the store after manager’s called 999.

Two teenagers have been arrested  on suspicion of  theft and criminal damage.