UPDATEDQE2 Bridge closed following Police incident

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Kent and Essex Police have closed the QE2 Bridge following a police incident.
Officers from Kent police were called at 12:20 am on Tuesday morning following a call from Highways England who manage the major crossing with concerns for a person who was spotted on the bridge.

Highways England officers and Police rushed to the scene of the distressed person.

Traffic was stopped from crossing the bridge and held back whilst specialist officers engaged with the person.

Gravesend lifeboat has also been launched on service to assist with the incident.

Hundreds of road users were stuck in their vehicles from just after midnight until just before 2am.

Some furious motorists grew impatient at being stuck in their vehicles and sounded horns

Just before 2am  In challenging conditions officers managed to coax the person down from the bridge they have now been taken in custody and will be taken to receive mental health support.

UPDATE: 1.50am  Traffic has been released and the bridge as been reopened without restrictions