Yellow weather warning issued to Hampshire,Sussex and Kent

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A band of gales and torrential rain is sweeping towards Hampshire, West Sussex – and parr’s of Kent and it’ll be here sooner than we thought.
The Met Office has updated a weather warning which will span THREE days from Wednesday afternoon.
The warning says that downpours could spark flash flooding.

Several periods of heavy rain are likely from Wednesday afternoon until early Friday.
“30 to 50 mm of rain is likely to accumulate quite widely during this time, with 60 to 90 mm over some south-facing hills of southwest England and south Wales.
“Some drier periods are likely in between the spells of rain and the longevity of these is uncertain, but the overall accumulation of rain on saturated ground is likely to lead to flooding in places.
“Further spells of heavy rain and showers are possible through the weekend.
“Whilst amounts of rain are not expected to be particularly large, 10-15 mm and perhaps up to 30 mm in places, falling onto highly saturated ground makes flooding more probable.”