Meet Deadbeat Douchebag Josh Schuppert from Newmarket New Hampshire

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Pictured is Deadbeat Douchebag Josh Schuppert from Newmarket, New Hampshire in the US who tried to use a faked uncle’s death to sell off stolen goods that pushed a company to breaking point following a break in carried out by  the scumbag.

Josh Schuppert tried to carry out an overseas fraud with stolen goods using the faked death of his uncle as a cover story to sell  stolen Liveu Broadcasting units that were part of a haul.

Schuppert  broke into his former employers equipment store  at the digital home of  the 8 New Hampshire and 5 Maine radio stations  and stole the goods.

In a clever ploy he attempted to use the death of his uncle to hide the fact the items were stolen goods. Posting in a LiveU support group he  asked members how much he should sell the units for.

Many interested parties commented and some even offered their condolences over the death of his uncle.

When in fact it was a ploy to try and make some easy cash. The wheels fell off when the respected purchaser  reached  out to the owner  of the stolen units alerting them to the fact of the sale.

Working with LiveU in the UK and the US the serial number was check and had been flagged as stolen.

Bosses at NH1 in New Hampshire  say that  Schuppert is well known to them and was caught hanging around the building shortly before the burglary  took place.

Up until now  they  didn’t have the evidence to support the thefts were linked to him.

A number of other items have ended up in pawn shops in New Hampshire said the statoion boss.

All of the communications have now been supplied to Newmarket Police department.

Police have now become involved and charges are likely to be filed as a result of Schuppert’s low life actions.