Did you make it on to the Santa Naughty gallery as hundreds painted Rochester town red on Christmas Eve

UKNIP Christ Eve Kent  33

Some are waking upon the Naughty list after turning Christmas red as drunk revellers got in the festive spirit as they took to the streets of Rochester last night.

Many will be waking up with a sore head as they hit the Bucks Fizz and Christmas chocolates this morning
Revellers let their hair down on one of the busy’s night that the town has seen with local night clubs rammed with the Christmas spirit very much flowing. Unfortunately some had one too many and were seen vomiting and urinating and being led away by police. One woman collapsed and the Police escorted
her home whilst others weren’t so full of the festive joys and had to be forcibly removed from a club by security for having one too many.
As the wine, beer and spirits flowed partygoers, many in fancy dress, danced and drank the night away some waking to a very sore head on christmas morning