HART team and air ambulance called to medical incident in Eastleigh

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Specialist Ambulance HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) and the Hamshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance were called in to assist with an medical emergency in Monks Way Eastleigh.

Emergency Services were scrambled to treat a man in 20’swho had suffered a cardiac arrest. Emergency crews from South Central ambulance arrived just after 2.30pm further resources were called in to assist.

A total of 5 Ambulance vehicles and the Air Ambulance were in attendence.

Two Ambulances are used to rotate during Cardiac arrests including assessment of patients and performing CPR.
Three HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) vehicles which always work together perform roles of assisting with Hazardous situations and accessing or moving patients in hard to reach or Hazadous areas such as tight stairways they are equipped with special access and moving equipment.
The Air Ambulance carry state of the art equipment and Doctors to attend patients as quickly as possible and provide the very best level of care needed.

A technician stated;
Patients must be stabilised before transferring to hospitals. The best treatments options are assessed at the scene and highest level of care and lifesaving procedures are given to increase the chances of survival for the patient. It is not always in the best interests of patients to be moved immediately.

No further information has been released but the Air Ambulance has since been seen to leave the area.