Is it Worth it ? Driver arrested after Drunken Car Park Crash in North London

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A woman has been arrested after she crashed her partner’s high-powered sports car into a trolley shed in a Tesco car park in London last night.

The woman, who didn’t hold a licence and was not insured – was given permission to test drive her boyfriend’s Nissan GTR car on the private car park in Barnet, north London.

Moments into the test drive, the woman lost control of the car and collided at speed with a trolley shelter.

Both ambulance crews and police attended, and found the uninjured woman to be over the drink-drive limit.

She was arrested and taken to a nearby police station whilst investigations continue.

It also transpires that her partner, who it is understood owned the car, was also wanted on warrant – and was also taken into custody.

Drink driving, even when on private land is reckless and puts others and indeed yourself at unnecessary risk. Think, is it worth it?