Isle of Wight Dodgy car dealer Connor Mitchell at it again

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This low life cretin is back to his old tricks. Selling death trap motors to people via social media on the Isle of Wight.

The serial conman who sells you a lemon and then blocks you on social media has been busy over Christmas.
Leaving one person a mum with two children out of pocket after he sold her a wrongun

The Skoda octavia vrs keeps loosing power EML light keeps flashing.
Being the nice guy he is and trying to blind a woman with science he offered to put it on his dyno.

The new owner of the vehicle has since refused since finding out how much of a con artist he.

Chloe England take up here story I’m a innocent women who’s bought her kids under 2 on holiday to spend Christmas with there auntie to find that the transportation we bought won’t get us back to Walsall in the West Midlands. I’m fumming I will be taking it further and I will be taking action against him if anyone knows where he is or works or can give me more information about him to go against him at trading standards.
I’ve had a lot of community support from members on the island and I’m so greatful to see decent people still exists.