UPLOADED TO SNAPCHATShocking shop attack in Strood leaves girl with fractured face unable to breath

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A shocking video has surfaced on social media showing three teenage girls attacking an other in the Kent town of Strood then uploading the attack on to snapchat.

The thirteen year old girl on the receiving end remains in hospital with fractures to her head and face after the wicked attack left her with trouble breathing due to the brutal attack
that took place in the Keycutting shop.

The auntie of the girl who was left injured has taken o social media in an attempt to find out who the girl in the attack are. Throughout the distressing footage the name Ellie is called out. The first girl runs up and attacked the girl by raining down punched and blows to the head causing the girl to be knocked unconscious. But then the two on one attack doesn’t stop as the second girl is seen kicking the youngster in the head whilst she is on the floor after her friend tried to hold her friend up.

Family of the girl has called to the bullies to be named and shamed, It’s left us heartbroken that my niece has been attacked like this. For her friend to have to drag her friend out of a shop it’s just so wrong.
After the sick attack was filmed it was uploaded up on to Snapchat with the attacker claiming the fame as some sort trophy.
A spokesman for Kent Police has confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the attack that took place in Strood Town centre and are now appealing for witnesses to contact them on 101.