Shoplifting Duo remanded after trouser theft in Maidstone

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A suspected shoplifting duo have been arrested after they were stopped by proactive Police Community Support Officers in Maidstone town centre.


At around 10.30am on Monday 30 December 2019, the PCSOs were on patrol in Union Street where they stopped a man and a woman in possession of some suspected stolen trousers.


Following enquiries at a department store in Week Street, both were arrested by attending police officers on suspicion of theft.


Matthew Stannard and Kathy Banks, both of Regent Close, Maidstone were later charged with theft of clothing valued at £225. Mr Stannard was also charged with failing to provide a non-intimate sample in custody for a Class A drugs test.


Mr Stannard, 47, and Ms Banks, 51, have both been remanded in custody to appear by video link before Medway Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 31 December.