Ashford Street Robbery jailed after leaving woman injured

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A robber who snatched a woman’s handbag and burgled two houses in Ashford has been jailed for five and a half years.

Jack Edmed bought alcohol, cigarettes and fast food with his victims’ bank cards after the offences in July and September 2019.

The 26-year-old was arrested after being spotted using the cards in local shops and restaurants and has now been jailed.

Edmed’s first offence took place on the evening of 23 July 2019 when he grabbed a woman’s handbag as she walked along a residential street in Ashford.

The victim tried to keep hold of her bag but Edmed pulled her to the ground and ran off, leaving her with injuries to her elbow and thigh. He later used the woman’s card in two shops in Ashford.

The following week, Edmed broke into a house in Ashford and stole the owner’s bank card, which he used to buy more than £130 worth of goods in local shops and a fast food restaurant.

His third offence took place on 3 September 2019, when he stole around £280 in cash, bank cards, a pair of earphones and a set of car keys from another property in Ashford.

He again used the owner’s cards in local shops and a fast food restaurant before he was caught after being recognised by an officer who viewed CCTV of him making the purchases.

Edmed, of no fixed abode, has now admitted one count of robbery and two counts of burglary and was jailed for a total of five and a half years at Canterbury Crown Court on 14 January 2020.

PC Richard Glass, Kent Police’s investigating officer in the case, said: ‘The victim of Edmed’s robbery bravely tried to keep hold of her bag, but his persistence led to her falling to the ground and suffering injuries.

‘He then invaded people’s homes so he could greedily use their bank cards buying alcohol and cigarettes in nearby shops.

‘The strong case built against him has led to three guilty pleas and I’m pleased that this prison sentence will see him taken off the streets for a significant period of time.’