Live updatesEight Hour Police stand off in Chatham finally over

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A major road in Chatham remains under police lockdown after a man who is understood to be armed with a fuel can threatened to do harm in a block of flats.

Eight Hour Police Stand Off In Chatham Finally  Over
Man Hold Police To Ransom On Chatham Roof Top

Approx thirty police officers are at the scene on the High Street  in Chatham as the balcony stand off continue into hour number five.


It is understood that the man made off from Police during a chase earlier in the day.

Relatives of the made said that he is under a lot of pressure and not thinking straight.

It’s all getting out of control.

Eight Hour Police Stand Off In Chatham Finally  Over
Fire crews from Chatham are also at the scene with hoses primed and charged should they need to be used.

Armed Officers with riot shields  and a dog are also present. The man’s who has been named as Tony also has his partner sister in law in the third floor flat.

Just after 12.30am on Friday morning Police went into the building and the man was brought out and driven away in a Police van,
It is unclear if he has been arrested
Kent Police have been approached for comment