Shamima Begum has re-emerged in a camp in Syria

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Shamima Begum has re-emerged in a camp in Syria, and said her world “fell apart” when her British citizenship was rejected

Begum is now living in al-Roj camp, close to the Iraqi border, with Kimberly Polman, a US/Canadian citizen who joined ISIS.

Begum has been quoted as saying “When my citizenship got rejected, I felt like my whole world fell apart right in front of me. You know, especially the way I was told.

“I wasn’t even told by a government official. I had to be told by journalists.

“I kind of saw it coming because I did do my research just before I came out. I thought I would be a bit different because I had not done anything wrong before I came to ISIS.”

She told him: “I had just come into the camp. I had just given birth.

“I was hearing all these stories about women threatening other women, you know, folk uncovering their faces or speaking to men or doing interviews or anything like that.

“I just was afraid for my life.”