Major raid carried out by the Met Police in sleepy village of Biggin Hill

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A major Police raid has taken place in the sleepy village of Biggin Hill in Kent in the early hours of Wednesday morning that is understood to be park of a major uk operation to target county-line dealers and suppliers<

Shocked neighbours were woken to screams of Armed Police just after 4am as electric gates were rammed and windows on the farm house were smashed with Police battering rams. Over 60 officers dressed in fire proof suits raid the property under the break of dawn.
The shocked neighbour made claim that she had never seen anything like it. The whole road was full of police vans dogs and undercover officers.

The road remains blocked for sometime said the neighbour. We haven’t been told what is going on.

Officers have been guarding outbuilding with Police carriers and specialist scene of crime officers have also ben present at the large farm in the village.

A woman wearing a pink dressing gown was seen being led away by officers and a shot gun and shells were also being seen being put into an undercover Police vehicle.

A man shaken up man at the property said that he had ben told by Police that the raid was to do with drug supply. We have lived here forty two years and we have never been involved in anything like that . The man went on to say that other people had been arrested and it was a major investigation.

A spokesman for the Met Police said : On Wednesday, 26 February officers executed two search warrants in relation to an ongoing investigation into drugs supply.

The warrants were executed at venues in Biggin Hill and Keston.

No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.