Two Donkeys killed in a Hit and Run in Beaulieu New Forest

Two beautiful donkeys  have  died after being   involved in a hit and run accident at 10.40pm  in the New Forest.  The incident happened on Saturday  5th March.The three and four-year-old jennies were hit by  vehicle that is believed  to be a Silver Ford mondeo.The vehicle  as travelling from the Heath roundabout towards Beaulieu. After the incident the vehicle made off  towards the Fawley Exbury area.

The owners of the donkeys  have put up  a reward of up to £1000 for information leading to prosecution of the driver.

Speaking from her home in the New Forest Sarah Tangecroft-Napthing  said “The  donkeys belonged to my 4 year old nephew and my 16 year old son, my nephew has just seen these pics on my camera and has said naughty driver makes me sad to see my donkey dead, my son is angry that yet again the driver hasn’t the decency to come forward

The Two donkeys  a grey jenny died from internal injuries and the brown jenny died from 3 broken legs both animals would have  suffered.”

Anyone with any information please contact the police on 101,