Emergency Services called to suspected Acid attack in Lewisham

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Police, Fire and Ambulance have been scrambled to a route 54 bus on Lewisham High Street near to the fire station on Sunday evening.

Emergency Services Called To Suspected Acid Attack In Lewisham
Emergency Services Called To Suspected Acid Attack In Lewisham

A large emergency services presence in the area after a corrosive sustenance has been reported thrown at a man on a bus after an argument broke out. The bus has been sealed off and been made a crime scene.

The driver of the Bus who has worked for the company for over 17 years said he was very shaken up after witnessing the attack.
He Said  “I was driving along an an argument broke out over uses of mobile phone the big black male start screaming at the white male that he didn’t like mobile phones being used on public transport.”

“He then started to repeat everything the man was saying.”

“The argument continued that the man got up and started punching the bloke. All I could hear the man scream out someting.”

“I was watching on the camera as we turned the man got something out and sprayed the man in the face he was screaming my face my eye I can’t see.”

“I did what I could I stopped the bus outside Lewisham fire station and they pulled the man out of the bus and started spraying the mans face with water he looked on a very bad way. Nothing like this has happened to me before.  It was all over something very silly.”

“As I opened the door The man who attacked him  just ran off and the Police are still looking for him.”

One man has been rushed to hospital and a man hunt has been started for the man who carried out the wicked attack.

A Spokesman for the Met Police said We’re working in #Lewisham High Street after a man in his 40s was assaulted and sprayed at around 9.20pm with an unknown substance. He has been taken to hospital for treatment (condition not thought to be life-threatening). No arrest yet. Witnesses pls call 101 ref 7135/01mar