Flybe to collapse within hours as planes Impounded


Struggling UK airline Flybe looks set to collapse within  a few hours putting 2000 jobs at risk.

Planes have been grounded across the UK and passengers turned away at departure gates leaving them stranded.

Planes have been seized in Glasgow an other airports across the UK  whist passengers have been confined to departure lounges with departure boards  flashing “Wait in Lounge” with no more information being given to them.

In Manchester a loaded flight was aborted shorty before take off and crew were in tears as the news broke on social media as they left the aircraft possibly for the last time.

Once the last flights land tonight in the UK (just after 11pm) an official announcement will be made with in  the early hours of Thurday.

More to follow

Flybe To Collapse Within Hours

Flybe To Collapse Within Hours